Mark your calendars for the most exciting event of the year! The MDIS Virtual Open House is happening on 23 March 2024 from 11am to 5.30pm. This is your golden ticket to explore the world of education and discover the endless possibilities that await you.

In-Flight Entertainment: Live Talks

Prepare to be captivated by our in-flight entertainment – a series of live talks featuring the esteemed heads of school at MDIS. These talks will provide valuable insights and insider knowledge about various fields of study. Whether you’re interested in life sciences, business and social sciences, engineering and technology, fashion and design, tourism and hospitality,
or the school of language and education, we’ve got you covered.

Click to Watch: Live on 23 March 2024

Flight Rebates Ends on 25 March

Act fast and don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity! We are pleased to announce that fees will
be completely waived for both local and overseas students who apply for our education courses by 25 March.

Whether you’re looking to upskill, reskill, or pursue a new passion, now is the perfect time to take the leap.
Don’t let this chance slip away – apply before the deadline to enjoy these exclusive rebates.

Seize the moment and invest in your future today!
Click the link below to apply and secure your spot before time runs out.

Terms & Conditions Apply.

MDIS Offers Direct Flights Globally

From preparatory and diploma courses to globally recognised degree and master’s programmes,
the flight to success starts with a well-planned takeoff.

Just as an airplane requires pre-flight inspections, systems checks and (re)fuelling before soaring to new heights,
learners embarking on an educational flight must equip themselves with the necessary knowledge,
practical skills and – importantly – a mindset of success to ascend in their chosen fields.

Bangor University
Central Oklahoma University
Edinburgh Napier University
Leeds Beckett University
Northumbria University
Roehampton University
Sunderland University
Teeside University

Flight to Success: Final Call

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Virtual Open House: Campus Tour